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*Following the Date Denotes Watercourse Navigability Hearing/s
Date PDF File Place
August 14, 2001 20010814.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
December 13, 2001 20011213.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
March 27, 2002 20020327.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
May 20, 2002 20020523.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
June 23, 2002 20020620.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
September 23, 2002* 20020923.pdf Yuma, Yuma County
October 23, 2002 20021023.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
December 9, 2002* 20021209.pdf Kingman, Mohave County
December 10, 2002* 20021210.pdf Parker, La Paz County
February 20, 2003 20030220.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
March 11, 2003* 20030311A.pdf Nogales, Santa Cruz County (Santa Cruz River)
March 11, 2003* 20030311B.pdf Nogales, Santa Cruz County (Small & Minor Watercourses)
March 12, 2003* 20030312A.pdf Bisbee, Cochise County (San Pedro River)
March 12, 2003* 20030312B.pdf Bisbee, Cochise County (Small & Minor Watercourses)
April 7 & 8, 2003* 20030407.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County (Lower Salt River)
June 24, 2003 20030624.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
September 23, 2003 20030923.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
October 14, 2003* 20031014.pdf Safford, Graham County (Small & Minor Watercourses, Gila River)
October 15, 2003* 20031015.pdf Clifton, Greenlee County (Small & Minor Watercourses, Gila River, Blue River, San Francisco River)
December 16, 2003 20031216.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
January 22, 2004* 20040122.pdf Tucson, Pima County (Small & minor watercourses, San Pedro River, Santa Cruz River)
January 27, 2004 20040127.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
March 9, 2004* 20040309.pdf Florence, Pinal County (Small & minor watercourses, Gila River, San Pedro River, Santa Cruz River)
June 28, 2004 20040628.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
September 16, 2004 20040916.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
November 15, 2004* 20041115.pdf Globe, Gila County (Small & minor watercourses, Gila River, Upper Salt River)
January 24, 2005* 20050124.pdf Yuma, Yuma County (Gila River)
March 29, 2005* 20050329.pdf Prescott, Yavapai County (Small & minor watercourses, Agua Fria, Burro Creek, Hassayampa, Santa Maria, Verde)
April 25, 2005* 20050425.pdf Holbrook, Navajo County (Small & minor watercourses, Little Colorado, Puerco)
April 26, 2005* 20050426.pdf St. Johns, Apache County (Small & minor watercourses, Little Colorado, Puerco)
July 14, 2005* 20050714.pdf Flagstaff, Coconino County (Small & minor watercourses, Little Colorado)
August 8, 2005* 20050808.pdf Kingman, Mohave County (Big Sandy, Bill Williams, Burro Creek, Santa Maria, Virgin)
August 9, 2005* 20050809.pdf Parker, La Paz County (Bill Williams, Santa Maria)
September 21, 2005* 20050921.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County (Agua Fria, Hassayampa)
October 20, 2005* 20051020.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County (Upper Salt)
November 16-17, 2005 and continued to January 18, 2006* 20051116&17,20060118.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County (Small & minor watercourses, Gila, Verde)
April 11, 2006 20060411.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
May 24, 2006 20060524.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
October 18, 2006 20061018.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
April 11, 2007 20070411.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
December 13, 2007 20071213.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County
March 24, 2008 20080324.pdf Phoenix, Maricopa County

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