State of Arizona

Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission

Pursuant to A.R.S. §37-1101, et. seq., the Arizona Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission (ANSAC) is planning to hold a watercourse navigability hearing regarding all of the small and minor watercourses in Mohave County, Arizona.  Notice is hereby given, pursuant to A.R.S. §37-1123 (B), that ANSAC intends to receive, review, and consider evidence regarding the navigability or nonnavigability of all small and minor watercourses in Mohave County.  Interested parties are requested to file all documentary evidence they propose to submit to ANSAC by November 8, 2002.  All evidence submitted to ANSAC will be the property of ANSAC and the State of Arizona.  Evidence submitted will be available for public inspection at the ANSAC offices during regular office hours.

The list of small and minor watercourses includes:

Abbott Wash, Agway Wash, Antelope Wash, Ash Creek, Ash Creek/Cane Spring Wash, Bar I-L Wash, Big Bend Wash, Big Wash, Bitter Creek, Bitter Seeps Wash/South Moccasin Wash/Twomile Wash, Black Canyon, Black Rock Gulch, Black Rock Wash, Black Wash, Blue Tank Wash, Box Canyon Wash, Bronco Creek/Bronco Wash, Buck Mountain Wash, Buck Mountain Wash/Cow Creek, Bull Canyon, Bulrush Wash, Burro Creek, Burro Wash, Cane Springs Wash, Cane Springs Wash/Hibernia Canyon, Castaneda Wash, Cedar Pockets Wash, Cedar Wash, Cerbat Wash, Clayhole Wash, Cold Spring Wash, Copper Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Wash, Cottonwood Wash/Grand Wash/Pigeon Wash, Cow Creek, Crow Canyon, Crozier Wash/Mohave Wash, Deluge Wash, Detrital Wash, Dutchman Draw, East Ash Creek, East Fork Parashant Wash, East Fork Sycamore Creek, Falls Springs Wash, Five-Mile Wash, Flattop Wash, Fort Pearce Wash, Fox Canyon Wash, Francis Creek, Franconia Wash, Frees Wash, Gonzales Wash, Government Wash, Grand Gulch Wash, Grand Wash, Grapevine Wash, Graveyard Wash, Griffith Wash, Gyp Wash, Hack Canyon, Hackberry Wash, Hair Clipper Wash, Happy Jack Wash, Hidden Canyon, Hobble Canyon, Horse Spring Wash, Hualapai Wash/White Elephant Wash, Hurricane Wash, Illavar Wash, Iron Spring Wash, Jumbo Wash, Kabba Wash, Kaiser Spring Canyon, Knight Creek, Langs Run, Left Hand Moss Wash, Little Clayhole Wash, Lost Creek, Lost Man Creek, Mackenzie Creek/Mackenzie Wash, McGarrys Wash, McGee Wash, Meadow Creek, Middle Mohave Wash, Mohave Wash, Moss Wash, Mountain Sheep Wash, Natural Corrals Wash, Natural Corrals Wash/Stove Spring Canyon,  North Fork Robinson Wash, North Fork Robinson Wash/Robinson Wash, Pakoon Wash, Parashant Wash/West Fork Parashant Wash, Peach Springs Wash, Peacock Wash, Pearson Falls Wash, Petroglyph Wash, Pigeon Wash, Pilgrim Wash, Pipe Valley Wash, Pocum Wash, Putman Wash, Reference Point Creek, Rock Canyon, Rock Creek, Rupley Wash, Sacramento Wash, Sacramento Wash/Tennessee Wash, Salt Creek, Salt Spring Wash, Sand Hollow Wash, Sand Hollow Wash, Sandridge Wash, Sandy Canyon Wash, Secret Pass Wash, Shingle Canyon/Yellow Flower Creek, Short Creek, Silver Creek Wash, Spencer Canyon, Squaw Canyon, Standard Wash, Sullivan Draw, Sullivans Canyon, Surprise Canyon, Sycamore Creek, Tassi Wash, Thirteen-Mile Wash, Timber Wash, Tom and Cull Wash, Topock Marsh, Town Wash, Trail Rapids Wash, Truxton Wash, Tule Wash, Tyro Wash, Virgin River, Walnut Creek, Warm Springs Wash, West Fork Parashant Wash, West Mohave Wash, Wheeler Wash, White Elephant Wash, Whitmore Wash, Willow Creek, Wright Canyon, and any other named or unnamed small and minor watercourses in Mohave County.

             ANSAC will not receive evidence and testimony relating to the navigability or nonnavigability of the major watercourses in Mohave County at this time.  The major watercourses in Mohave County include the Colorado River, Bill Williams River, Virgin River, Big Sandy River, Burro Creek, and Santa Maria River.

An unbound original plus seven bound copies of documentary evidence is to be submitted.  ANSAC offices are located at 1700 West Washington, Room 404, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  The telephone number is (602) 542-9214.  The web site address is  The e-mail address is .

            Individuals with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to communicate evidence to ANSAC, or who require this information in an alternate format may contact the ANSAC office at (602) 542-9214 to make their needs known.