Pursuant to A.R.S. ' 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission and to the general public that the Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission will hold a meeting open to the public on December 9, 2002 at 1:30 p.m. at the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Board Room, 809 East Beale Street, Kingman, Arizona, 86401.

Pursuant to A.R.S. ' 38-431.03(A)(3), the Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission may vote to go into Executive Session for purposes of obtaining legal advice from the Commission's attorney on any matter listed on the agenda, or pursuant to A.R.S. ' 38-431.03(A) or for discussion of records exempt by law from public inspection on any matter listed on the agenda.

Title 2 of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits the Commission from discriminating on the basis of disability in its public meetings.  Individuals with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to attend or communicate at the Commission’s meeting, or who require this information in alternate format, may contact George Mehnert at (602) 542-9214 to make their needs known.  Requests should be made as soon as possible so the Commission will have sufficient time to respond.  For those individuals who have a hearing impairment, this Commission can be reached through the Arizona Relay Service at 1-800-367-8939 (TTY) or 1-800-842-4681 (Voice).  The agenda for the meeting is as follows:


1.                  CALL TO ORDER.

2.                  ROLL CALL.

3.                  APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES (discussion and action).

A.                 October 23, 2002 (discussion and action).

4.                  WATERCOURSES HEARING (discussion and action).

            A.        214 Mile Creek, Adobe Creek - Mohave, Agway Wash, Antelope Wash - Mohave, Ash Creek 1 - Mohave, Ash Creek 2 - Mohave, Ash Creek 3 - Mohave, Bar I-L Wash, Beaver Dam Wash - Mohave, Big Bend Wash, Big Sand Wash - Mohave, Big Sandy Wash, Big Wash 1 - Mohave, Big Wash 2 - Mohave, Bitter Creek - Mohave, Bitter Seeps Wash, Black Canyon - Mohave, Black Rock Gulch, Black Rock Wash - Mohave, Black Wash, Blue Tank Wash - Mohave, Bottleneck Wash - Mohave, Boulder Wash, Box Canyon Wash - Mohave, Bronco Creek - Mohave, Bronco Wash, Buck Mountain Wash, Bull Canyon, Bulrush Wash, Burro Wash 1 - Mohave, Burro Wash 2 - Mohave, Cane Spring Wash, Cane Springs Wash, Castaneda Wash, Castle Cliff Wash, Cave Wash, Cedar Pockets Wash, Cedar Wash 1, Cedar Wash 2, Centennial Wash - Mohave, Cerbat Wash, Chapin Wash, Cherokee Wash, Clayhole Wash, Cold Spring Wash - Mohave, Coon Creek - Mohave, Copper Creek - Mohave, Cottonwood Creek 1 - Mohave, Cottonwood Creek 2 - Mohave, Cottonwood Creek 3 - Mohave, Cottonwood Creek 4 - Mohave, Cottonwood Wash 1 - Mohave, Cottonwood Wash 2 - Mohave, Cow Creek - Mohave, Crow Canyon, Crozier Wash, Daytona Wash, Deluge Wash, Detrital Wash, Diamond Creek 1, Dutchman Draw, East Ash Creek, East Fork Parash, East Fork Sycamore - Mohave, El Dorado Wash, Falls Springs Wash, Fivemile Wash - Mohave, Flattop Wash, Fort Pearce Wash, Fox Canyon Wash, Fox Wash, Francis Creek, Franconia Wash, Frees Wash, Gonzales Wash, Government Wash, Grand Gulch Wash, Grand Wash, Granite Wash, Grapevine Wash - Mohave, Graveyard Wash, Gray Wash - Mohave, Griffith Wash, Groom Spring Wash - Mohave, Gyp Wash, Hack Canyon, Hackberry Wash - Mohave, Hair Clipper Wash, Happy Jack Wash, Havasupai Wash, Hibernia Canyon, Hidden Canyon, Hobble Canyon, Horse Spring Wash, Hualapai Wash, Hurricane Wash, Illavar Wash, Industrial Drain, Iron Spring Wash, Iroquois Wash, Ivanpatch Wash, Jackman Wash, Jumbo Wash, Kabba Wash, Kaiser Spring Canyon, Kanab Creek, Katherine Wash, Kingman Wash, Kiowa Drain, Knight Creek, Langs Run, Left Hand Moss Wash, Little Clayhole, Lookout Wash, Lost Cabin Wash, Lost Creek, Lost Man Creek, Mackenzie Creek, Mackenzie Wash, McGarrys Wash, McGee Wash, Meadow Creek, Meriwhitica Canyon, Middle Mohave Wash, Mississippi Wash, Mohave Wash, Montana Wash, Moss Wash, Mountain Sheep Wash, Natural Corrals, Neptune Wash, Nodman Canyon Draw, North Fork Robin, Pakoon Wash, Palmtree Wash, Palo Verde Wash, Paloma Wash, Parashant Wash, Peach Springs Wash, Peacock Wash, Pearsons Falls Wash, Petroglyph Wash, Pigeon Wash, Pilgrim Wash, Pipe Valley Wash, Placeritas Creek, Pocum Wash, Portland Wash, Putman Wash - Mohave, Rawhide Wash, Reference Point, Robinson Wash, Rock Canyon - Mohave, Rock Creek - Mohave, Rupley Wash, Sacramento Wash, Salt Creek 1 - Mohave, Salt Creek 2 - Mohave, Salt Spring Wash, Sand Hollow Wash, Sand Wash - Mohave, Sandridge Wash, Sandtrap Wash, Sandy Canyon Wash, Secret Pass Wash, Shingle Canyon, Short Creek, Silver Creek - Mohave, Silver Creek Wash, Smoketree Wash, South Moccasin Wash, Spencer Canyon, Spring Canyon Wash, Squaw Canyon, Standard Wash, Stove Spring Canyon, Sullivan Draw, Sullivans Canyon, Surprise Canyon, Sycamore Creek - Mohave, Tassi Wash, Temple Wash, Tennessee Wash, Thirteenmile Wash, Timber Wash, Tomm and Cull Wash, Topock Marsh, Trail Rapids Wash, Travertine Canyon, Trout Creek, Truxton Wash, Tuckayou Wash, Tuckup Canyon, Tule Wash - Mohave, Twentysix Wash, Twomile Wash, Tyro Wash, Valencia Wash, Vock Wash, Wagon Wheel Wash, Walnut Creek - Mohave, Warm Springs Wash, West Fork Parash, West Fork Sycamore - Mohave, West Mohave Wash, Wheeler Wash, White Elephant Wash, Whitmore Wash, Willow Creek 1 - Mohave, Willow Creek 2 - Mohave, Willow Wash - Mohave, Wright Canyon, Wrights Canyon, Yellow Flower Creek, Yellowstone Wash, Yucca Wash, and any other named or unnamed minor watercourses in Mohave County.


            A.        Prior to discussion and action each party will be given ten minutes to present      his or her position.

6.                  CALL FOR PUBLIC COMMENT (comment sheets).

(Pursuant to Attorney General Opinion No. I99-006 [R99-002].  Public Comment:  Consideration and discussion of comments and complaints from the public.  Those wishing to address the Commission need not request permission in advance.  Action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or rescheduling the matter for further consideration and decision at a later date.)


8.                  ADJOURNMENT.

 The chair reserves the right to set the order of the agenda.

 An agenda copy will be available at the Commission office at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting.

 Dated this 2nd day of December 2002

 George Mehnert, Director

Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission